My name is Adrian and I am from Newcastle Under Lyme in the United Kingdom. Newcastle Under Lyme is located in the North Midlands in North Staffordshire. Some people get the area mixed up with Newcastle which is in the North East of the country. That Newcastle is called Newcastle Upon Tyne and is different in every way and is a city. Newcastle Under Lyme where I am from is a small town. Next to us is Stoke On Trent and people get confused thinking we are part of Stoke On Trent. The six towns of Stoke On Trent are Burslem, Tunstall, Fenton, Hanley, Longton, and Stoke after they were unified in 1910. Me being born and bred in Newcastle Under Lyme will speak the same as those in those in the other towns and it’s called Potteries dialect so we use words like ow at duck or rayt, cosner, shonner, cos, cost, dunner, wastner, wunner, and wust. You can hear it being spoken on YouTube in a video called May un Mar Lady. You will hear me using it when talking in my created videos. I do try to speak clearly most of the time but I know some of you outside of the Potteries area and the United Kingdom will get confused with some of the words. There are some people who live in the Potteries area who are older than me born before the 1940’s and 1950’s will speak with an even stronger accent and dialect which can be harder to understand at times even for me. I do not speak with all that modern text talk like Lol and wtf so do not understand that like the younger generations born after the year 2000 who are brought up with smartphones, tablets, and computers.

You have probably noticed by now with the name of the website Adrian McMaster Gaming that I am into gaming and occasionally do a live stream when playing a game. The games I play are mainly simulator gaming. I play simulator games like Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, Farming Simulator 22, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, Project CARS 2 and Grand Theft Auto Five. I do not have a big driving rig due to a lack of space but use a GT Omega Steering Wheel Stand for my Fanatec Club Sport driving equipment bought as a bundle. I have big steering wheel for my trucking simulators and a dish type wheel for the off road driving. I have proper racing wheel for the racing simulator. You can feel the force of the wheel when you lose control of the vehicles and have to let go or risk straining you wrists and arms. I have all the flight simulator equipment as well like the Thrustmaster Replica usaf a-10c Throttle, Thrustmaster Replica usaf a-10c Stick and Thrustmaster TPR Pendular Rudder Pedals to give that realism. I do understand what some of the controls are for in an Airline cockpit but flying one in real life is not the same. The driving simulators are not the same as in real life because you cannot feel the vehicle move and leaning around corners. Its the same for trucking simulator the layout in the truck is the same as in a real truck but you cannot feel the force of the trailer or truck. I have tried but its not quite for me with to many trolls online who spoil it for every body else. 

You might have noticed I have a cat roaming around my room quietly or sometimes like a rocket going from one end of the room to the other. The reason for this is they might be full of energy after eating a little bit of their food and a nap. They sleep for seventeen hours a day with one eye open. Only half there brain sleeps at a time so they can stay alert. The cat is a female name Daisy and she can be a little pest at times. I can be sitting by my computer and feel my chair shake and a paw slaps me on the back of my neck and then she runs away. She is just playing and not trying to kill me. Cats are like wild animals and have wild animal instincts. She might also be sitting in the living room window looking outside and might make a strange chirping noise. Cats do this because they are excited or upset and see birds outside and want to chase after them but there is that thing called glass in the way of them so they make the chirping noise. Lucky birds. It’s also possible cats are trying to imitate bird sounds so the birds think the cat is a bird and walks up to them like the cat is their friend. I do not think birds are that stupid to walk up to a cat say hello I’m going to be your friend and end up as dinner. I know if I was a bird I would be thinking what is that stupid thing with fur and a tail trying to copy us for and just fly away? If my cat is sitting on my desk close to my keyboard I have to make sure those paws do not catch any of the keys when I am typing something or adding something to a bit of code because it ends up as cat language I do not understand although she thinks I understand meow meow meow. Cats do not understand human language and only recognize 100 sounds we make that they remember like Food. They are not as daft as you think and can be crafty and know how to get their own way. Remember the saying (Cats have slaves and Dogs have masters.) It’s so true because I found out the hard way. They can be stubborn and know when to ignore you except when you are eating food then they appear out of nowhere and will try to steal some of your food so you have to watch those thieving little paws trying to grab a piece of meat. Look away from your food for a few seconds and look back and it’s where did that chicken go and you see the cat enjoying it.

My computer is a high-end computer with a lot of expensive parts and took a few hours to build. You can see me building the computer on my Youtube Channel at home in my living room sitting on the floor because I have no studio or proper table? You can see it all happen in my video called My £3700 4K Gaming PC build 2022. One part is blurred because I did not realize the camera went out of focus. To see my system setup and everything I use when creating videos and doing a live stream head over to the system setup page. You can also see the history of all the computers and servers I have owned and used dating back from 2005 with my very first computer being a dell laptop running windows XP home edition and a Fujitsu server dating back to 2011 running windows small business server 2011 on the computer and servers page. Some of the images were taken with an old mobile phone before I had a smartphone so they will appear grainy. The rest were taken with a digital SLR camera back in 2011. Technology has changed a lot since then. I was only learning to use a server by reading a book called Mastering Windows Server 2008 R2 book along with Windows Small Business Server 2011 Administrators Companion. Both operating systems were almost the same except Windows Small Business Server 2011 had one of those SBS interfaces that a lot of people did not like and would sometimes crash and be difficult to put right. Then when a program called SharePoint that was part of the SBS 2011 was updated would cause the backup to fail and stop working until you ran a special command on PowerShell to correct it and this was every time SharePoint had an update. I cannot remember the update number but know it ended in 4004. SBS 2011 had too many problems with Microsoft trying to fit a local website and email system integrated with Windows Server 2008 R2. It was also very expensive at over £1000 that I did not have to pay and was bought by a friend. The operating system was bought for me. I was glad when Server 2016 came along with a six months trial and you could extend it for a further six months with special commands. It had a few bugs at first but they were all corrected by Microsoft after some time with updates. I now use windows server 2019 with an OEM license. With an OEM license, you can buy and use them, under the license terms. They are intended for system builders who are building and selling systems. There is nothing preventing the average user from purchasing a copy and using it, in fact, many people do understand the limitations that come with it. OEM versions of Windows are identical to Full License Retail versions except for the following. OEM versions do not offer any free Microsoft direct support from Microsoft support personnel. OEM licenses are tied to the very first computer you install and activate it on. OEM versions allow all hardware upgrades except for an upgrade to a different model motherboard. OEM versions cannot be used to directly upgrade from an older Windows operating system.

Radio communications is another hobble I am into is called Scanner Enthusiast and I like listening to some transmissions that can be interesting to listen to and can also help you learn a few things, for example, you hear a strange transmission that sounds like a buzzing noise and you not sure what it is. If it’s transmitted on VHF between 165 and 166 MHz it could be a digital sound that a Taxi company uses to transmit data to the drivers or even a DMR repeater. If your scanner stops on the UHF band around 439 MHz then it might be an Amateur radio person using DMR and you will be hearing the Repeater. If you can hear a transmission on 430 MHz then the amateur radio person will be close to you and will have a different digital sound like a fluttering sound. Anything heard between 453 will be business users using repeaters or simplex radios. You might hear simplex transmission around 461 to 467 Mhz. You will if you are lucky and close enough to a business here the user’s radio side of DMR transmission. Modern scanners like Uniden BCD436hp and BCD536hp will decode DMR transmission including simplex transmissions. Any Transmission you hear that sounds like a garbled sound will most likely be encrypted and there is no known way to unencrypt that transmission unless you know the encryption key or have some software that can decrypt the transmission. I have read about such software and that has been tested and works but is not available to the public and should never be and the radio users have the right to be encrypted. You cannot listen to the police or any other emergency service in the United Kingdom because they use a Tetra system called Airwave which is encrypted. The U.K. police are changing to a new LTE push-to-talk system by 2024 or 2025. There are laws regarding all of this like section 48 of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006. In the united kingdom, anyone who intentionally and without the necessary authorization intercepts any communications in the UK may be committing a criminal offense. Generally, the use of radio receivers is exempt from requiring a license unless it is also capable of transmission. It is lawful to place compliant radio receivers on the market in the UK. A radio scanner is a radio receiver that can automatically tune, or scan, two or more discrete frequencies. It may stop scanning when it detects an ongoing transmission and continue to scan when the transmissions on that frequency stops. Generally, scanners cover the non-broadcast radio bands between 30 and 951 MHz using FM, although there are scanners that receive on other parts of the radio spectrum and use other modulation types including voice, video, or data transmissions. Typically, receivers and scanners can only be used for ‘general reception’ such as licensed broadcasting stations and hobby radios. It is an offense for an unauthorized person to use wireless telegraphy apparatus with intent to obtain information as to the contents, sender, or addressee of any message whether sent by means of wireless telegraphy or not, of which neither the person using the apparatus nor a person on whose behalf he is acting is an intended recipient. It is an offense for someone, otherwise than under the authority of a designated person, to disclose any information as to the contents, sender, or addressee of any message referred to above. However, this does not apply where the disclosure is in the course of legal proceedings or for the purpose of any report of those proceedings. Furthermore, it does not apply where the information would have come to the person’s knowledge without the use of wireless telegraphy apparatus by the person or by anyone else. This means that it is illegal to disclose to a third party anything heard in a transmission that a person has listened to without authorization. Laws in other countries will be different. Most communications now are changing to digital like DMR used by commercial users and can be listened to with a scanner with capabilities of receiving DMR. Amateur radio users also use Digital like DMR and also use a system called Fusion and D-Star. You cannot decode those with a scanner and only hear the noise.