Below is a list of all the Social Media platforms I use like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. You can also use the menus to click on the links in the dropdown menu There are also useful links on this page. This page will be updated regularly with links used in my video descriptions to help you find things used in the videos.

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✅ GTA V Ped Models and Hashes:

✅ GTA V Animations:

✅ Support Server:

✅ Discord:

✅ Discord:

✅ GTA5 Mods:

✅ Pleb Master:

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✅ Discord:

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✅ Farming Simulator:

✅ FiveM Server List:

✅ Truckers MP:

✅ World of Trucks:

✅ FiveM Forums:

✅ Steam:

✅ QBCore Framework:

✅ QBCore RedM Edition:

✅ ESX Framework:

✅ Modit:

✅ Fanatec:

🔴 Developer and Creators
✅ Gabz:

✅ T1ger-Scripts:

✅ Barbaronn-Scripts:

✅ UZStore:

✅ Hobo’s Development Services:

✅ London Studios:

✅ Lambra | Fivem Scripts:

✅ Modit Store:

✅ Bobo Boss – 3D Modes:

✅ Tebit: