Welcome to Adrian McMaster Gaming. On this website, you will find information about how to set up a Fivem Server and a place to see some information about me on the About page and my other hobbies. You can also find links to all the social media platforms I use on the Social Media page. One of my hobbies is learning to use Lua code for FiveM servers and helping other people who are new to FiveM when they need help setting up a server or accounter any errors that might appear on their console and do not fully understand what the errors mean and are not sure what to do about it. If you need help and support with your server then please join my Discord Server by going to the Ticket Creator and creating a ticket in the create-a-ticket channel. There is no charge and it is all free and left up to you if you want to make a small donation via Paypal if you want to. I have a Patreon that is a monthly subscription and leave that for you to decide if you want to pay. If you do you will get the Patreon role on my Discord Server and a shout-out on my Youtube channel. Please avoid websites selling the QBCORE Framework because they are scams and you will get little to no support from scammers and the server framework will be out of date by 12 months or more and show a lot of errors. This is the original QBCore Framework and is free and open source to anyone who wants to use it. They have a Discord Server with support and a community that will help you.

Some developers will charge you £75 an hour or every half an hour and some will take their time just to build up the hours. Some I have come across are not even developers and are just scammers pretending to be developers to try and take advantage of you by stealing your resources once they have access to your server folders and files and then reselling them. I used to charge a small fee of £10 or sometimes £20 but after more people came to me for support and I found out their server folders and files were over twelve months or more old and full of errors I had to break the news to them. So that’s when I decided to do all my work for free and allow you to have my MLOs made with Codewalker for free on the Downloads and Large Downloads pages. You must create an account and log in to see these pages. It upset me to find out when I asked people I helped how much they had paid for a full server costing over £150. It annoyed me even more when I was told where they were downloaded from. 

The biggest problem people will have if server scripts are over 12 months old is some of them might not work properly and show a global error meaning the script is incompatible with the latest qbcore framework and they sometimes see a warning from fivem about their artifacts being out of date. I will do everything I can to fix any problems or errors with your servers. Sometimes I cannot because it might be something I have never seen before or a script is out of date and no longer usable with the current QBCore Framework but most of the time I can fix some of the errors. If a script is set to execute a command in another script and it is not in your server then you will encounter a nil error or something similar. When you join my discord and create a ticket asking for help you will find when I reply I will ask a lot of questions about the errors to try and eliminate things because that’s part of my process of finding out what is causing the error or problem and most of the time its because those of you asking for help have older scripts that are pointing to scripts or files that have had a name changed or part of a script removed.

If you get an error or problems with a script you have paid for from the proper developers like Barbaron-Scripts then you must join their discord and ask them for help because I cannot read those scripts due to being encrypted with Escrow and they will be the only people who can help you. I have a basic QBCORE Server on my downloads page and it is a direct download from my home server. I obtained permission from the qbcore team and was told under their licence and terms of agreement I can have it on my website but must not sell it. Remember selling anyone’s content will lead to you being blackmarked as a reseller and put on the Warden bot list and once that happens you find yourself automatically being banned from discord servers that are using that bot. All I am doing is giving that little bit back to the QBCore community. You can also view the QBcore Framework on GitHub to see their daily updates or download the scripts individually. Some of their new scripts might still be under development so it’s not recommended to use them until development is completed. They will let you know once their scripts are completed on their Discord Server.

I do have two other websites running on my Windows 2019 Server. One is called McMasterphotography.co.uk and it’s for my photography hobby. There is a lot of information on the About page explaining how my photography hobby started back in 1991 when I was just 19 years old. There is a Gallery you can have look at with photographs taken more recently. You can also see the photography Equipment I use and you can also browse the online Shop and download any of the photographs on there from £3.50 to £10.00. The other website is called Neverstoprp.com with information about my Neverstop RP Preview Server and some of the content I have in that server from paid scripts, ymaps and free resources. The Neverstop RP runs on my home server using Windows Server 2019.  The preview server might not always be online and offline due to server maintenance and updates. The server is the recent work you will of seen in my latest live streams with a QBCore Server I am working on as a tutorial running on my computer. The preview is an exact copy of the one on my computer and runs without any problems or errors. You can join my server by typing Neverstop RP Preview Server in the FiveM search window or use your F8 console and type connect jomzd4 and you will start connecting to my server. My internet upload speed is 26 Mbps so might affect the server a little bit. If you have any problems with something not working please report it on my Discord Server via the bug-reports channel so I can have a look at it. 

If your console shows a warning: This version of txAdmin is out of date. Then go to the How to update txAdmin page and follow the instructions with 7 easy steps.