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Welcome to This website is about gaming and other computer hobbies you might be into. I am into computers and servers and use WordPress to set up my websites. I am mainly into simulator gaming like Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Microsoft Flight Simulator. I also like to play sniper games like Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2. I do use city builders now and again like Cities Skylines and Transport Fever 2. Using WordPress and creating website content is another one of my hobbies. You are reading content now on a website created with WordPress. I do sometimes listen to music like 1990s Trance when using my computer because it helps me relax and I have a good set of speakers so I can hear and feel the base. You can see in the photographs below what my setup is like with my cat on my arm chair. The printed compass on the board I get asked about is for when I am using the flight simulator so I know what heading to set if I am not using the automated voice control to direct me. If you would like to see more about me and where I am from then head over to the About page.


I use a custom-built computer. It cost £5400 to purchase all the parts. It took me five hours to build. It is a heavy computer and does not use hard drives. I use one SSD or Solid State Drive for the operating system and the rest are NVMe M.2 Drives attached to the motherboard. You might have noticed modern motherboards are starting to have fewer SATA Slots. I still use a Blu-Ray DVD Drive now and again to burn content to a disk. It runs all games very smoothly including flight simulators on the highest settings even when I did live streams in the past. You can see more about my computer and all the parts with everything I used on the System Setup page. If you are interested in what computers and servers I have owned since 2005 then head over to the Computers and Servers page to see all the laptops I have also owned from 2005 with the very first laptop I owned with Windows XP Home Edition.


I use a server to run all of my websites. I have three main websites and a few other websites as test and experimental websites using subdomains like to see any changes made by the WordPress developers. My server is a Dell EMC PowerEdge T140-MT and runs Windows Server 2019 operating System. I have also run gaming servers on my server like Farming Simulator 2019 and Euro and American Truck Simulator server and have run very well on my Dell server. I used to run a FiveM roleplay server I developed but stopped doing all of that over twelve months ago. I have learned a lot about servers over the last fourteen years starting with Windows Server 2008 R2 and then Windows Small Business Server 2011. I used to run a 3CX PBX server for my VOIP Phones and that took some time to get used to. I do not use the Linux operating system. I have tried Linux but found it too complex to use with all the commands you have to type just to install the software so carried on using the Windows operating system.


I started using WordPress in 2015 after speaking to people about an HTML website I created with Microsoft Expression Web 4. They told me I might find it better and easier to use. I looked it up on the internet to learn how to set it all up because I had never used WordPress before. After reading more about it I then downloaded the Zip folder from and extracted it all to my server. I created a database using heidiSQL ready for the websites and created my first WordPress website. It is very easy to set up once you learn. You need PHP and URL Rewrite to run WordPress because it will not run on Internet Information Services without PHP. I have tutorials on how to set up and install WordPress on my website by going to the WordPress Setup page. There are two other tutorials on the website on how to set up a subdomain. If you are interested in creating a multisite then you might want to have a look at the multisite setup page. My other website is for my photography hobby and you can have a look at it by heading over to if you are interested in learning more about photography.

If you enjoy reading the content on this website then you might also like to have a look at my other websites with information about my website hobby and Photography hobby. There is plenty to read on those websites so head over to to find out more and learn more about websites by heading over to WordPress Setup or what is HTML and any of the other tutorial pages. You might want to learn about photography by heading over to my website to find out more and learn more about What is Photography or What is a DSLR (Digital SLR) Camera. You can also learn how to use a camera by going to the Aperture, Shutter Speed and Camera Settings pages. This website is always being updated with new content and features so always come back and have a look because you never know what might have changed.

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