Welcome to Adrian McMaster Gaming a place to see a little bit of information about me and my hobbies. You can also find links to all the social media platforms I use. One of my hobbies is learning to use Lua code for FiveM servers and helping other people who are new to FiveM when they need help setting up a new server or encounter any errors that might appear on their live console and they do not fully understand what they mean and are not sure what to do about it. I will help to try and fix those errors. I might ask for a small fee because helping people will use my time. To get the available help you need just select one of the following tiers from my Patreon page. I am not asking for much and it’s a very small amount compared to a lot of server developers out there who will charge you £100 or even £200. Remember that Patreon is a monthly subscription. I work with a framework called QBCore and have used ESX Framework in the past. QBCore was released sometime around June 2021 and maintained by Kakarot and a few others within the QBCore development team. Some of the code was used from the ESX framework and has been licensed accordingly. The original code was QBus and created by the original framework author: KASH – Contributors: s0me1k, SirMarkQB, onno204 & Qui-mey. The QBCore team obtained permission to modify and update the framework so you can use it on your hosting service for your roleplay servers. I have worked with the ESX framework in the past but due to big changes with the framework, I moved to QBCore like many other users. You will need the FiveM Client to be able to join your own server. FiveM is also being updated every day so after a while, some things within the framework might not work the same. There are other frameworks out there that are not available to the public and can be purchased from the original developers. You can buy scripts, custom vehicles, custom clothing, and ymaps from developers on websites like Tebex and Modit. Please be aware of fake websites selling older scripts that have been modified to look like their own. All new content that is being created by developers is now encrypted with CFG’s Escrow system IP locking, remote code loading, and other methods in an attempt to protect source code. Please note I will not work or help any person who is a member of bad discords who leaks developer’s content. To see information about me and my other hobbies head over to the about page. You might also like to view my system on the system setup page or on computers I previously owned going back to 2005 on the computers and servers page.