Hello and welcome to Adrian McMaster gaming. Please enjoy your stay on this website, you will find a lot of information about me and my hobbies.  I live in a small town in Newcastle Under Lyme in the county of North Staffordshire In the United Kingdom. Newcastle Under Lyme is not to be confused with Newcastle upon Tyne. Newcastle Under Lyme is located next to the city of Stoke On Trent.

I am into a wide range of hobbies such as gaming. My other hobby is photography but I am not a professional photographer and just an amateur and do candid street photography and some landscape photography. I am also in radio communications like radio scanning. The hobby is still popular in the United Kingdom with a few people but due to digital technology taking over there is not as much to listen to anymore that we had in the 1990s with a lot of analogue transmissions that we could receive. The is still transmission you can receive like DMR Radio and a lot of amateur radio users use DMR, DStar, Fusion and still use Analogue radio.

My other hobby that you will see a lot of on my Youtube channel is gaming and creating roleplay servers for Fivem. I do not understand Lua coding like the younger generation does but am learning it all as aI go. I use the latest ESX 1.3 Legacy framework and the new QBore or Qbus framework both work very well but Qbus is more complicated to understand but I soon got the hang of it and how each script is set to work.  ESX and Qbus now only use the Rockstar License in the SQL tables instead of using the Steam ID. The reason for this is so if a person gets banned from a Fivem roleplay server and create a new steam account they cannot use that account and will still be banned from the roleplay servers.

I also like to use driving simulators like Euro Truck  Simulator 2 and Forza Horizon 4.  I am also into flying simulators like X-Plane 11 and the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. I do use a few snipper games like Sniper Elite 3 and Sniper Elite 4. I like to use city building games like Transport Fever 2 and Cities Skylines. I am into the very popular Grand Theft Auto V and use it in single-player mode and with Fivem. I do not use the GTA 5 multiplayer due to many hackers that spoil the game with their stupidity.

When I am live on Youtube I do talk about what I am doing in the game. The live chat is available during my stream but I view it via my OBS software on my top monitor and will speak back to you once I have read what I see. Remember to 20-second delay between me and you on Youtube. If I am concentrating on what I am doing then I might no always look up at the top monitor so please be patient and wait for me to respond. Please use English when using the live chat because I do not speak any other language except British English. I am not all that familiar with short term wording like wtf and m8 and other modern wording. 

If you are not sure what my way of speaking is and you are from outside of the united kingdom we have regional accents and dialects. Mine is known as the Potteries accent and dialect.

When watching my live streams watch out for my female cat named Daisy. She might appear behind me on top of the armchair or jumping up on top of my computer chair and the thing she might do is bat at my neck throw the two holes near the top of my chair. She likes to play as cats do and be a little bit mischievous.

If I am using all my cameras it will allow you to view from all angles of my room. I do my live streams in my living because I do not have a spare room or space so have to manage as best I can. You can see information about my system on the system setup page. If you have any questions or would like any help from me with setting up a Fivem roleplay server then please use the contact form on the contact page and I will get back to you.

You can join me on my discord servers at Adrianmcmastergaming. I am an owner and developer of a Fivem server called Rare RP and the server runs on a dedicated VPS server.  You can find out more information on the website at rarerp.com or you can join our discord at Discord/RarRP.com where a member of staff will be happy to speak to you if you want to join our roleplay server.  This website is always being updated so please keep coming back and having a look as you never know what might have changed or new features have been added to the website.