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Vicious Rumors About Me

Some of you might have heard Vicious Rumors about me spreading around the internet. Those rumors are not true and are all lies. The rumors were started by an army of trolls from another Fivem server community. I will not use names but they know how they are and the consequences could have been severe for me. The army of trolls has been reported to the local authorities for cyberbullying as I will not tolerate any such behavior from anyone. Close friends who know me personally know the rumors are not true and I am a very friendly person to know and get on with. The army of trolls and other Fivem community is simply trying to ruin my reputation because they see me as a little competitive because the other community is making money by selling other people scripts and thinks I might take their player base away from them and undo all their hard work. I have no intentions of doing so and I am not in it for the money and have never made a penny out of it or from developing servers. I just do what I do as a hobby as something new to learn like LAU scripting. A few youngsters below the age of 16 have contacted me via youtube chat or via my discord in the past and asked for help to set up a basic server for them or help with setting up a WordPress website on a rented server because it is not an easy task if you have never done it before. Remember It was hard work for me at first trying to set up a website or Fivem server. I am slowly getting used to errors I see on the server console and understanding what some of them mean and have been able to fix them. It takes a lot to understand the errors. I still struggle will some of the complex scripts but know where to look and know what needs fixing but not always sure what I need to do but will ask for help from other developers If I need to. So if I am streaming on and you need a little help do not be afraid to ask because I will not bite and will try to answer if I can. There is a 3 to 5-second delay but my eyes cannot always be looking up at the top monitor so please wait and I will respond once I see anything in the live chat.

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