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This page will show you all the photographs I had taken on Wednesday, October 5th 2022. The camera I used can be seen in the first image on the top left of the gallery. The camera is a Canon EOS 750D. All images were taken using F-stop f/4, Exposure time 1/80 sec, and ISO speed ISO-400. I had to use 1/80 of a second because I did not use a tripod so if I used slower speeds with the heavy lens the images would be blurred due to camera shake. Some of the images appear to show the computer leaning but it was not. This is caused by the lens and using an incorrect type of lens for indoor use. I do have the standard lens that comes with the camera but I prefer the one seen in the image. If you are into photography like me and use an SLR camera you will understand the numbers like 1/80 and ISO 400 or 200 and what they are used for. I have no studio lighting or special equipment like umbrella flashlights to spread the light evenly. I did the best I could with the flash I had and the natural lighting. You might notice my cat in one of the images because like cats they like to get in the way.  The canon camera is seen on the bottom right and mounted on a bracket is used for my streaming. I do outdoor photography now and again but mainly in the summer when it is warmer.