I have played Planet Coaster now for nearly a week and spent a few hours experimenting with the sandbox builder. There are challenges and scenarios and I have tried those and you have to be very careful how you spend your money because unlike sandbox mode the money is not unlimited so you can run into trouble very quickly. It’s always recommended to use the sandbox maps first so you get used to everything as you learn to use the game. It is a very good game and keeps you busy. The staff will complain if they think there is not enough to do. You can look at the management by using the tab on the bottom left of the screen and that shows you everything. You will need security to watch out for troublemakers like vandals and pickpockets. 

When you start with a map you will notice a small path near an entrance. That is your starting point. I recommend keeping your pavements or walkways as wide as possible because when it gets busy everybody will be walking into one another and that will affect your guest’s happiness. The map is more than big enough to build your theme park. I created a live video on my YouTube channel where you will see me experimenting with the game and talking about some of the things you can do in the game. I did get confused with the priority pass and how the create the gate but have now figured all of that out and will show that in my next video which will be recorded and edited. You can use the buildings available in the game or you can build you own custom buildings and share them on the Steam Workshop.

One really good thing I like is that you can custom-build your own track and coaster rides or use the ones that are available in the game. The other thing you can do is alter the terrain of the map to create tunnels for the rides. It makes it more fun when use the camera modes when viewing the rides to see the view like you are on the ride. You need to make sure you have mechanics available to keep the rides refurbished or they will break down. You will need a janitor or a person who sweeps up because litter will start to build up. You will have vomit starting to build up as well and that will affect the guest. You will need seats so people can sit down and food areas and other resources and staff rest areas or they will become tired and complain then eventually leave the theme park. It’s all part of the game to make it more fun to use. Once your thempark is completed you can create another map. You can share the maps on the steam workshop as well. 

The game was released in 2016 and is very popular. There is other content available to download like DLCs and other rides. I have not downloaded those yet but will do so at some point and show them on my YouTube channel. The game might not be for everyone but it is a personal preference. The basic game costs £29.99 or you can have a subscription of £3.99 per month. There are bundles and you get content such as Knight Rider K.I.T.T. Construction Kit, Spooky Pack, and Ghostbusters. The complete collection will cost you £67.39. There is a Frontier 25th Anniversary Collection that will cost you £119.99. If you have already bought the basic game that is deducted from the final price. You get plenty of content on the basic game that will keep you busy for many hours. If you do not have the game you can purchase it from Steam with the link provided: Planet Coaster.

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