New FiveM Roleplay Server

Starting soon with a new FiveM server called Neverstop RP formally called Rare RP. The server is completed and ready for uploading to a new VPS or Dedicated server once there is one. But still in the process of sorting all of that out. The framework is the latest QBCore updated one month ago and the FiveM artifacts were updated a week ago. I can run it on my local windows 2019 server in my living room but the internet upload speed of about 8 to 10 Mbps can be an issue for example if too many players joined they might experience disconnection problems due to not having enough data going out from my router to the players or the player might experience slow loading times that would be beyond my control. The server has a few paid and unpaid scripts and maps including the cayo perico island. Some of the main scripts are modified to have location markers and blips around the map as well as cayo Perico island and much more that you would have to find out for yourself. The server is not online at the moment until I am ready to launch it. It might take a few weeks to a few months to be in beta once launched to find any bugs and problems. There is a discord server but it is not ready because there are no channels or roles set at the moment but will be completed soon. Once everything is finished and online I will let everyone know via the website, discord and social media platforms.