Neverstop RP

Rare RP is the predecessor of Neverstop RP. We closed down Rare Rp last year due to a lot of problems happening within the FiveM community. We decided to close it all down and take a long rest from all the development during 2021. We decided to start from the very beginning with a fresh new server using newly updated artefacts and an operating system. The operating system is QBCore and has only been available to the public since early 2021. There were not many scripts available at the time of release. Other developers have used some of their spare time to create free open-source converted scripts from ESX to QBCore. There are some paid scripts on the Modit store or Tebex that require a key or are encrypted with CFG’S ESCROW system to prevent reselling of their scripts. Our Neverstop RP server is still being developed and a few paid scripts have been added and tested. We will be using Gabz MLOs and will have working scripts in use for those MLOs eventually. There are a lot of custom vehicles that have to be sorted out and put into categories. All the custom vehicles have been checked and any that have constant flashing lights or colours have been removed to prevent problems for people with epilepsy and seizures. We are using the latest game build FiveM provides which is 2966. Once everything is completed and finalized we will then roll everything over to the main hosting server. It will be in the beta stage for the first two months so you can report all errors on your F8 console or any problems you might have. The errors will be displayed in red only. Anything else you see in white is just information and text in yellow or blue will be about MLOs or custom vehicles using more ram than normal. They are just warning and nothing to worry about. We just need the information from the text in red. Remember it is clientside information only. Serverside error information will be displayed on the main console like txAdmin and our developer will see all of that and will help identify the problem so it can be fixed. When new scripts are due to be added we will let you know on our discord channels when it is to come into use. There will be operating system updates now and again and cannot be avoided due to security reasons and might take some time to complete. We will let you know in advance when there is to be an outage or downtime.

There is an excellent trucking simulator script so you can become an HGV Driver that can be found in the job center. The HGV base is located down by the docks and has its own warehouse. The rest will be up to you to gain your experience and skills and eventually own your own company and employ drivers. There are custom trucks you will use in the simulator and one of them is shown in the images on this page. There is a drug script but you must find where everything is and how to create all the drugs. We will of course be looking for moderators and administrators but we need people to join us to help us get going. We will also be looking for developers who know how to create custom vehicles. There will be a website for the roleplay server once completed. We will have roleplay jobs like Police, Mechanics, Paramedics, Vehicle Dealers, Gangs and much more will be on offer for people who join. To do the main jobs you will need to fill out the application forms and have an interview.  The minimum age for administrators and moderators will be 20 to 21. We will have the same rules in place as every other roleplay server. Any person caught breaching the rules will be punished accordingly. The same rules will also apply to any administrator caught cheating to gain over others for example using the admin menu to buy themselves vehicles. The main developer will be somewhere around the city and keep an eye on things. If you see his character in a fast vehicle do not get upset because he will just be testing the vehicle or showing it off and might allow you to try it out if you ask nicely. He might speak to you out of roleplay now and again to ask you if everything is running alright for you and if you are having problems so he can help you resolve them. 
Alternatively, you can create a ticket on our discord at Discord/NeverstopRP and someone will help you there.