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Need Help With a Fivem Server

Are you in need of help with starting a new FiveM roleplay server then look no further AMG is here to help for free? I do not charge a penny as that is against FiveM and CFG rules to make a profit out of other systems you can charge a fee so I will leave that up to you if you wish to make a small donation to my PayPal.  I work with ESX Legacy and QBCore. I have used ESX Legacy for over two years now and understand how some of it works. I recently started working with QBCore and slowly learned it all. I am getting used to some of the errors like those annoying nil because some are not right with the script’s config or missing part of scripts. I will help you set up a new server and you must have all the following a good Hosting Service.  Home Server if you have one.  A good Compute.   Be able to access your router so you can open ports for port forwarding to allow traffic in and out like your server on port 30120 and tx admin on port 40120 so it can be seen via the outside world. I am a 49 / 50-year-old man and very friendly to get on with whatever your age group, nationality, or gender is. I will try to give as much advice as possible to new starters who do not understand certain things about the internet and make mistakes. I am already an owner of a server called Rare RP with another owner. We are looking for players to join or maybe you only have a few players of about 10, 15, or 20 and would like to join us and be part of our roleplay team.

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