How to I fix the loading screen getting stuck on 100%:

If you look in the folder of your loading screen and open fxmanifest.lua you will see a line of code that instructs a manual shutdown of the loading screen and because of that without the basic-gamemode you will find the loading screen hangs at the end because it’s waiting for you to close the loading screen.
The reason this is happening is that it is set to manual in the fxmanifest.lua. I will explain below how to fix this problem. Open your loading screen folder called qb-loading found in the qb folder of your resources. If its a custom loading screen it will be in another folder. Next, you want to open the fxmanifest.lua and follow the steps below.

Here is what to do step by step:

Go to or find your loading screen folder or script and open up the fxmanifest.lua or __resource.lua file with your editor and find loadscreen_manual_shutdown ‘yes’ and change manual to auto so it looks like this: loadscreen_auto_shutdown ‘yes’ and that is all you need to do.
Restart your server.