How do I update txAdmin when I see This version of txAdmin is out of date?

To update your txAdmin follow the instruction below.

  1. Open your browser and goto and click on Latest then scroll to the bottom of the page and download the You do not need to download the Source code zip or tar.gz files.
  2. Next go to your downloads folder and create a folder called downloads.
  3. extract the contents of the into your monitor folder.
  4. locate and open you server folder and open the folder in you artifacts called citizen.
  5. In the citizen folder you will see three folders. Open the one called system_resources.
  6. copy and paste the monitor folder from your downloads folder and the monitor folder in your system_resources folder will be overwritten. You will see a pop up window. Just click on Replace the files in the destination.
  7. Thats it your all done restart your server.