Euro Truck Simulator 2


I have been using Euro Truck Simulator 2 since 2015 and never had a problem with it. It is an excellent game and can be very relaxing. I use the Fanatec equipment and you can see that on my System Setup page. I use a few mods as well as ProModes. When the game updates ProMods becomes unusable and you have to wait for the developers to update their maps. You have to pay for the downloads and costs less than £1.50. You can download it with adverts but that will be slower. You’re paying for the developers to run their servers and it is not cheap if they are using a hosting service or their servers. I like the Iceland zone on the map. I have tried TruckersMP and find that full of trolls who spoil it for you when you do a convoy. You now have the multiplayer option built in so you can set up your self-hosted server. You can if you know how to run it on your home server. I have tried that and it is really good because you do not have to worry about switching your computer off and it’s always online for anyone to use.

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